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microRNAs in Radiation Response

Thematic Field Radiation Research
Course Number 7003003
Target Group Graduate students from Graduate School Environmental Health
Contents Isolation of small RNAs, quantification of miRNAs by array technology and by single primer-based real-time PCR, overexpression and inhibition of miRNA expression
Didactic Aim/Competences Overview on the role of microRNAs in radiation response, understanding of array-based and real-time PCR based RNA quantification
Didactic Elements Lectures and practical course
Type/Schedule Block course / 5 days
Work Load (hours) 40 h
Credit Points Depending on workload
Date and Place Flexible, on inquiry; Bldg. 57/ Room 142
Number of Participants Up to 6
Lecturer in Charge Simone Mörtl
Lecturers S. Moertl, N. Anastasov