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HELENA Lecture Series Environmental Health

The HELENA Lecture Series is mandatory for HELENA graduate students. The lecture series hosts speakers from different Institutes and Research Units of the Center and presents an overview on the thematic fields. Graduate students have the unique opportunity to interact with students of the different thematic fields and exchange ideas during the 30 minutes networking time. Graduate students have to participate 3 times.

Time and place:

1:00 – 5:00 pm
Auditorium, Campus Neuherberg

HELENA Lecture Series 2017
March 09

Epidemiology, Health Economics & Human Genetics / Radiation Research

Coordination Epidemiology, Health Economics & Human Genetics: Annette Peters

Coordination Radiation Research: Michael Atkinson

July 11

Neuro and Stem Cell Biology / Infection, Immune and Tumor Biology

Coordination Neuro and Stem Cell Biology: Wolfgang Wurst & Magdalena Götz

Coordination Infection, Immune and Tumor Biology: Bettina Kempkes & Ulrike Protzer

November 15

Allergy / Environmental Sciences

Coordination Allergy: Carsten Schmidt-Weber

Coordination Environmental Sciences: Michael Schloter
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