Thesis Committee

All HELENA students are supported by a personal Thesis Committee. The Thesis Committee provides mentoring and guidance in the scientific project but also in questions concerning the personal career development.

The Thesis Committee is assembled within the first three months of the doctoral thesis by the graduate student, with support from the direct adviser. It consists of at least three people and generally comprises the following persons:

  1. The professional/direct adviser (institute director/ group leader/ postdoctoral researcher)
  2. The adviser at the university should be an authorized examiner "Prüfungsberechtigung" (if the direct adviser is also the adviser at the university, an additional person shall be included in the Thesis Committee)
  3. An independent, preferably external, specialist expert (doctoral degree necessary)
  4. An additional, fourth member may be included in the Thesis Committee

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Important information:

How does the Thesis Committee work?

Over the next three years, your doctoral project will be supervised by a personal Thesis Committee consisting of your direct adviser, the adviser at the University and an external adviser. The Thesis Committee provides mentoring and guidance in the scientific project but also in questions concerning the personal career development. Annual meetings have to take place after 9 months, 1.5 and 2.5 years. As a graduate student, you are responsible to schedule and document these meetings. The written documentation (TC formsigned by all thesis committee members and progress report) has to be sent only as PDF document to the Graduate Student Office. Please send us the names of your Thesis Committee members within the first six months of your doctoral project.

What should I do if my working contract ends and I am not finished with my doctoral thesis?

An extension of your initial 3-year contract is possible. For the extension, you have to develop a work and time plan to finish your doctoral thesis together with your thesis committee at your third meeting. Every member of the thesis committee has to agree to this plan by signature, and the documents have to be sent to the Graduate Student Office.

In case of a necessary extension of your contract please ensure that all the necessary documents (TC formsigned by all thesis committee members, progress report, work and time plan) are at the Graduate Student’s Office two months prior to expiration of your contract. In addition to the documents submitted to the Graduate Student’s Office, please ask only the Administrative Assistant of your Institute/Research Unit to submitthe OM-Planstellenpflege Form and Personnel questionnaire for continued employment to the Human Resources Management.

If due to unforeseen reasons in exceptional cases an extension is decided on short notice, all necessary documents have to be sent to the Graduate Student’s Office no later than two weeks prior to the expiration of your contract. Otherwise an extension of the doctoral contract is not possible.

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Whom should I contact if I have questions about my working contract?

If you have any question regarding your contract, salary, maternity leave etc. please contact the human resources manager who is responsible for your Institute/Research Unit.

'Promotionskomitee' at the Faculty of Biology, LMU

Important information:

According to the doctoral degree regulations at the Faculty of Biology at the LMU, graduation requires a personal 'Promotionskomitee'.
This committee consists of 3 members. At least two members need to be habilitated and at least one member needs to be employed full-time at the Faculty of Biology at the LMU.


Please choose your Thesis Committee Members according to this regulation.