This week’s spotlight on…

...Helmholtz Juniors








Dear Graduate Students,

We would like to draw your attention to our Helmholtz Juniors:

19 research centers form together the Helmholtz Association. Each center has two Helmholtz Juniors (HeJu) which represent the doctoral researchers of their center on Helmholtz Association level.

The Helmholtz Juniors of HMGU are Anna-Lena Amend, IEG and Anna Kilanowski, EPI.

All HeJus meet at least twice a year to work on improving conditions for DRs in Helmholtz and to increase the network between DRs. A big achievement were the 30 days of holidays we have since last year. HeJus are organized in five working groups with different focus (Steering group, Working Conditions group, Communication Group, Events group, Survey group). Find out more by following us on social media.  


Your HELENA-Team