Implementation of new database

Dear Doctoral Researchers,

We would like to inform you that the HELENA Team is currently working, in close collaboration, with the Digitalization and Human Resources Development departments, on a database solution for modern campus management at Helmholtz Zentrum München.

The new database will cover all aspects of the doctoral researchers' records, ranging from HELENA supervision agreements, thesis committee meetings, course management, graduation processes etc.

The HELENA Team will regularly update the doctoral representatives and the DINI members about the progress of the database. The DINI members have also volunteered to test all new processes in the database before the final implementation takes place. If you are interested in volunteering as well, please send an E-Mail to HELENA GSO

The implementation of the new database involves a lot of precise workload and therefore, the following changes will be in effect as of 01.04.2021:

  1. A HELENA Transcript of Records will not be issued this year.
  2. Only final year doctoral researchers, who are submitting their thesis, will receive a HELENA Transcript of Records upon request via E-Mail to the HELENA GSO.
  3. The course submission forms will be inactive as of 31.03.2021. We kindly request all doctoral researchers to document internal/external courses in the excel sheet template. As soon as the new database is implemented you can upload your courses directly in the new database. Please don't submit your excel sheet to the HELENA Graduate Student Office unless you need to submit your final thesis at the University.
  4. If you are a final year doctoral researcher, and there are internal/external courses you need to submit then please use this excel sheet template as well. Send it to HELENA GSO together with agendas and confirmations of participation for external courses.
    For the confirmation of internal courses please collect your supervisor’s signature either electronically on the excel sheet or print the document, get it signed and send it to us as PDF. Please always attach the original excel sheet.

Your HELENA Team