Application "HELENA Travel Grant"

Travel Grant

Complete applications have to be submitted to the GSO at least 4 weeks prior to the planned travel date. Application submissions after the planned travel date will not be processed. The requested trip must be in the frame of the valid, ongoing contract.
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Travel Grant Applied for the Time Frame (e.g. 01.01.21 - 03.01.21)
Only HELENA graduate students with HMGU working contract must fill the above form. Every business trip should have a reference number ("Vorgangsnummer"). The reference number will be provided by the HELENA Graduate Student Office after the travel grant is approved by HELENA. Please note that during the corona pandemic you still have to fill out the Business Trip Form, and mention ONLINE Conference in the space provided for justifying your Business Trip.
Only HELENA graduate students with HMGU guest contract (external scholarship or contracts with non-partner universities) must fill the above form. For the "Honorar- und Auslagenabrechnungen Form" please contact the administrative office in your Institute/Research Unit
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