New participation committee SciPart

The Works Council at Helmholtz Munich has started the initiative to establish a new participation committee


Based on the initiative of the Works Council, a new committee is currenlty being established. Planned kick-off is in spring 2024.
The call for nominees for the new committee has already been sent to all Department Heads and Directors of Operations by the CEO. 

Are you intersted in becoming a member of the new committee? 

➢ Participation and interdepartmental exchange of scientific staff
➢ Direct contact of the scientific mid-level staff to the CEO

➢ Four volunteers from each department should be nominated to join SciPart, no more than two of 
them with supervising responsibilities
➢ Meetings 3-4 times a year, every second time with the CEO
➢ Works council coordinates, invites and participates with two representatives

Possible topics (to be selected by the participants)
➢ Scientific: POF V, "New hot topics", visions, proposals, collaboration
➢ Exchange on structural problems negatively affecting researchers and possible solutions
➢ Develop proposals to address structural challenges (linked to possibility to propose/present topics in 
management committee)
➢ Improve and support the integration of restructured research units into the departmental structure 
and center strategy
➢ Ensuring good supervision and career development of PhD students and postdocs
➢ Improve the integration of foreign scientists
➢ Possibility to invite experts from science, politics, HGF to exchange ideas on specific topics

You want to join?
Let your department head know that you want to volunteer for SciPart. The mode of selection in case 
there are more than four volunteers is up to each department.