Postdoc101 Talk on In Balance Under Pressure: Resilience in Academia

Join the open talk series on Dec. 13th to learn more about "In Balance Under Pressure: Resilience in Academia"

The talks series is organized in collaboration with the Munich Postdoc Network and open to all postdoctoral researchers from research institutions in the Munich area (and also interested doctoral researchers). The talk series takes place on Wednesdays between 4-6 pm. The series is conducted online via Zoom. 

13 December 2023 (16:00-18:00, via Zoom)


Postdocs often juggle multiple responsibilities and obligations, such as conducting research, writing papers, teaching, mentoring students, attending conferences, networking – and then there is also the private life. Balancing these tasks and prioritizing effectively can be challenging. Although some standard time management techniques might be useful, many will not dissolve the challenges. Therefore, the most effective way to deal with it is to build resilience from within.


  • Enhancing self-awareness and exploring individual stressors
  • Understanding resilience and stress mechanisms
  • Mindfulness - a crucial skill for resilience
  • Individual energy- and stress management
  • Exploring

Speaker: After her business studies, Julie Doucet decided to follow her passion about people, listening mindfully and enabling them to confidently meet themselves and became a psychological consultant and business coach. She loves to share inspiration and knowledge. As a facilitator, she creates a light atmosphere and focuses on the individual potentials of everyone in the room. As a coach, she acts as a mirror and holds the space for the client to deeply look and feel within to find new solutions.

You find the registration link for these and other talks on the TUM Talent Factory Website.