Join the PAW Panel Discussion with Postdoc Networks & Jens Brandenburg

The Panel Discussion "Postdocs in Germany: Challenges, Opportunities & Perspectives" will now take place on Oct. 23rd.

The Panel Discussion planned during the Postdoc Appreciation Week will now take place on October 23rd, 15.30-16.30 via Zoom.


  • Dr. Nicholas Russell, General Secretary of the Max Planck PostdocNet 
  • Dr. Christian Nehls, Steering committee of the Leibniz PostDoc Network 
  • Dr. Giovanna Diletta Ielacqua, Leading member of the MDC Postdoc Association (Helmholtz)
  • Dr. Aysel Sultan, Technical University of Munich & Board Member of the Munich Postdoc Network.
  • Dr. Jens Brandenburg, Parliamentary State Secretary to the Federal Minister of Education and Research (BMBF)

Host: Dr. Neele Meyer, Helmholtz Munich

During the last years, the situation and challenges postdocs in Germany face have been widely discussed and received widespread attention. Particularly in the ongoing conversation regarding the Wissenschaftszeitvertragsgesetz, there have been several pressing conversations about what is “best” for German academia and postdoctoral researchers in general. However, international postdocs and German postdoc networks have hardly been heard and taken into consideration.  

This panel will bring together international postdocs and representatives of different established Postdoc Networks in Germany and the Parliamentary Secretary of the BMBF Dr. Jens Brandenburg to discuss several pressing topics: defining the roles of postdocs in the current academic system, the issues facing international postdocs, the career and life aspirations of postdocs, and constructing effective solutions to improve the situation of all postdocs in Germany.

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