Ebook on Mental Health During Your PhD

The ebook by Zoë J. Ayres can now be accessed on campus.

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If you want to focus on Mental Health during your own doctorate or support other group members: The ebook  "Managing Your Mental Health During Your PhD" (Springer, 2022) is now available when you are on campus via this link: https://ebookcentral.proquest.com/lib/helmholtz-muenchen/detail.action?docID=7087510

For further questions, please contact the library!

About the book:
This book explores the PhD experience as never before and provides a "survival guide" for current and prospective PhD students. The book investigates why mental health issues are so common among the postgraduate population, going beyond the statistics, looking at lived experience of both the author and as well as current PhD students, who have found balancing mental wellness with the PhD endeavour challenging.

The author discusses tips and tricks she wished she had known at the start of her PhD process for managing mental health, such as managing imposter feelings, prioritising workload, and self-care strategies to help others throughout their own journey.

The book goes beyond typical mental health discussions (where the focus for improving mental health is placed on PhD students to become "more resilient") and explores some of the often unspoken environmental factors that can impact mental health. These include the PhD student-supervisor relationship, the pressure to publish, and deep systemic problems in academia, such as racism, bullying and harassment.