Research Culture

Bernery et al: Research Culture (2022): Highlighting the positive aspects of being a PhD student. eLife 11.

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A PhD can be a rollercoaster. We know it from our own experiences. Anyways, let's today celebrate the up's of doing a PhD!

A new study on the PhD experience presents in detail three major positive aspects of doing a PhD.

These are:

* the development of specific skills to become an expert

* the ability to work in a collaborative environment

* improved communication skills while sharing knowledge

The authors also found out that 50% of all Tweets about the PhD experience were positive, only 1/6 negative. They furthermore noticed that negative content received clearly more interaction and therefore was more visible on Social Media.

Needless to say: we need to continue talking about the ambivalence doing a PhD, especially mental health related aspects.

Nevertheless, let’s for this moment celebrate doing a PhD – and all the learnings we will take with us on our journey!