Any plans for the weekend? Join the Münchener Wissenschaftstage!

The Munich Science Days, MÜNCHNER WISSENSCHAFTSTAGE and "FORSCHA - Das Entdecker-Reich" will take place on June 24-26. 2022. Helmholtz Munich will also present the StarsGame Escape Room! All events are free, but mainly in German.

Program with high fun factor & knowledge gain - intensive, interdisciplinary, interactive. From climate change, environmental protection, bioeconomy, space travel (show and experiments), emission-free flying, mobility, AI in medicine, care and the world of work, agile working and design thinking to Corona, modern physics and phenomena in the quantum world and the world of trees:

Scientists from all disciplines will discuss with you about socially relevant developments and findings, about topics that move us today and in the future.
Exhibitors from companies, institutions, politics, education and research facilities invite all generations to try things out at experiment stations and in workshops, make perspectives for school, training, study, career and new forms of teaching tangible and provide inspiration for everyday life at the kindergarten.

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Helmholtz Munich will also present the Stars Game in a workshop directed at teachers (in German). Please recommend this workshop to teachers in Munich!

Naturwissenschaft Erlebbar Machen mit “Stars Game”, Dem Digitalen Escape Room Für Schüler:Innen

Samstag, 25.06.2022 von 10:30-12:00 Uhr

In einem 1,5-stündigen Workshop für Lehrkräfte stellen wir das Projekt STARS GAME mit seinem forschungs- und spielbasierten Ansatz vor. Im Anschluss darf der Escaperoom selbst getestet und diskutiert werden.

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