Extended registration deadline: Join the interactive workshop to develop game clues for a digital Escape Room for students to get them excited about science!

Design thinking workshop for young researchers: How do I convey knowledge creatively and in a way that is appropriate for the target group?

Within the framework of the EU-funded project "STARS GAME" Helmholtz Munich is offering a Design Thinking Workshop for young researchers. The aim is to develop a set of game instructions for a digital Escape Room in order to convey knowledge and fundamental research findings by means of creativity and thus to sustainably inspire young people for natural sciences.

The Escape Room has four rooms on different scientific disciplines. Here you can try out one of them on the topic of microbiology: https://view.genial.ly/616689969e1be30d70199c3d

The workshop is based on the flow of the Design Thinking process and includes 5 sessions on empathy, problem definition, generating ideas, prototyping and testing. 

The workshop consists of five 2-hour sessions spread over three workshop dates in July 2022 and will take place online. (1st date and time: July 13th, 2022, 5-7pm). The day and time of the 2nd and 3rd dates will be determined with participants during the first date.

There are no prerequisites for participation. The workshop is open for researchers from all disciplines at Helmholtz Munich.

For more information on the workshop schedule and content, please click here.

Participation in the event will be credited with 10 working hours for HELENA doctoral researchers.

If you wish to participate in the event, please register as soon as possible by sending a message to katharina.koboecknoSp@m@helmholtz-muenchen.de.

For questions about the event:

Katharina Koböck, Communications and Strategic Relations (COMS)