Munich Postdoc Network InterVision Groups - Collegial Coaching

Members of the Munich Postdoc Network will start an collegial coaching focusing on "Collaboration and Relationship with Supervisor".

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The next "InterVision Group" will be reviewing and discussing a case related to "Collaboration and Relationship with Supervisor". 

An important machine has severe technical issues that forces the postdoc to rethink and shift their topic to another setup. The postdoc establishes an essential and new collaboration which by now produces great results and got started to be published in high impact journals. Out of nowhere, the professor wants that the postdoc stops the fruitful collaboration.

How would you approach and resolve the issue?: If you are interested in joining the InterVision group to discuss this case, please contact our MPN Admin Team Member Madleen Busse.
You are also invited to share other concerns you may have and would like to discuss in an InterVision group.