Info Event on Professorships at a University of Applied Sciences

TUM is organizing an on-site event (in German) in Garching on April 28, 2022 6-8 pm on UAS Professorships. Register until April 14!

As part of the project "Attract2HM", the TUM Graduate School organizes an information event on pursuing a professorship at a University of Applied Sciences. The event will be in German as these professorships usually require fluency in German.

UAS Professorships usually require some year of industry experience after completing a doctorate and offer a great option for researchers to return to academia – and hence a career option you want to keep in mind as a doctoral researcher or postdoc. You can learn more about the UAS system & procedures and get first-hand insights from professors at the Hochschule München during the event on April 28. 

If you do not have a DocGS-Account at TUM, you can register for the event by contacting Vera Kaulbarsch until April 14, 2022. For more details, please refer to the TUM Graduate School Website.