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October 21: 65th Helmholtz Open Science online seminar (registration is open) with Prof. Dr Ludo Waltman, professor of Quantitative Science Studies and deputy director at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies (CWTS) at Leiden University. He will explain why openness of research information is a crucial prerequisite for more responsible approaches to research assessment.

November 08 - 11: Course Introduction to Statistics

November 9: Save the date and join the event:  TEACH2- Open up! - talk about education across communities within the Helmholtz Association!

November 15 - 17: Course Multivariate Statistics

November 15: Helmholtz 3rd  virtual Career Day for Data Science and IT: Learn about career paths and job opportunities from Helmholtz` data science and IT experts. Register here and enjoy a day full of interesting input, exciting talks, panels and networking sessions.

November 18: Course RMarkdown

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