Munich Postdoc101 Series

The Munich Postdoc101 Series, provide crucial information about a variety of topics that are of particular importance and interest for postdocs.

Format: The talk series takes place on Wednesdays between 4-6 pm. The series is conducted online via Zoom. We invite variety of internal and external speakers to share their expertise in an open and accessible format. Each talk includes a Q&A  during which participants can ask questions. 

Please note that since this format is open to a larger group of postdocs, it is not possible to discuss everyone's individual situation during the Q&A session. If you want to invest more time to learn or work on a specific topic, take a look at our workshop programme or the activities of other offices at TUM. Our program brochure (611 KB) provides an overview of all Postdoc workshops and most Postdoc101 Talks.

The talks series is organized in collaboration with the Munich Postdoc Network and open to all postdoctoral researchers from research institutions in the Munich area (and at other TUM campuses). Interested doctoral researchers at TUM are also welcome to join! 

Registration & Deadlines: The series is open to all postdocs at TUM and we do not limit the number of participants. You can register until Tuesday noon before the respective talk via the registration form

For this format, there is no selection process and you do not need to inform us if you are unable to participate.

Munich Postdoc101 Series