Dance Your Ph.D.

This contest challenges scientists to explain their research without using jargon, PowerPoint, or words… just dance.

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It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting your Ph.D., or you completed it decades ago, you just need imagination and the ability to keep a beat. 

The 14th annual research-themed dance-off is sponsored by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the Science magazine, and, an artificial intelligence technology company. Winners will be selected in four categories - physics, biology, chemistry, and social science. They can take home $750 each and the top dance will earn the ultimate glory and an extra $2000.

This year´s contest covers also a new special category – machine learning. Entries can cover machine learning directly or how it’s used in other topics or disciplines. In this category alone, the dance doesn’t have to be on a Ph.D. thesis, but it should still convey a paper, a talk, or research project.

You must follow all your local COVID-19 rules while practicing and performing your dance entries. Submitted dances should not feature unvaccinated, unmasked people in close contact. Beyond that, it’s simple. Go dance your science solo or as part of an ensemble, create a video of it, upload it to YouTube or TikTok (including permission to use any music included in the video, as well as rights to show the individuals depicted in the video) and allow AAAS/Science Magazine to use the video for publicity. The deadline for submissions is January 28th, 2022. Winners are selected based on the aggregate of three scores: scientific merit, artistic merit, and the creative combination of science and art.

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You can watch the videos of previous winners here:

Technical support for the video can be provided by Stefanie Winkler (AKO) and Andi Weiss (CEO Office). If you have an idea and would like to use the technical support please send us a short summary/concept of your idea to: