Open Data Impact Award

With the Open Data Impact Award, the Stifterverband wants to make a contribution to strengthening open data in science as part of its initiative innOsci - Forum offene Innovationskultur.


Everyone is talking about Open Data, but it is not yet a reality in the everyday world of science. However, the subsequent use of collected data offers advantages for everyone: science benefits when data sets and experiments can be reviewed and further developed by other researchers, and society benefits when innovations arise from existing data. To make these data treasures accessible and to enable their subsequent use, scientists must actively disclose their data.

The Stifterverband promotes Open Science and Open Data in science and society by awarding a prize that gives Open Data more visibility. In the current academic system, scientists often lack incentives, infrastructure and resources to make their data accessible in such a way that subsequent scientific and non-scientific use is possible or facilitated. This is where the Open Data Impact Award comes in. The Stifterverband honors researchers for making their data openly available, enable subsequent use and thus expose the innovative potential of their research.

The award is intended to run for at least three years and will be presented for the second time in 2021 by the Stifterverband in cooperation with the DUZ magazine. It offers funding of 30,000 euros, divided among three award winners, visibility for the award winners and the topic through media and public relations work, and access to the innOsci network.

Deadline for applications: August 15, 2021.

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