TUM-GS Transferable Skills Training / Kick-Off Seminars

Free spots still available!

TUM-GS Transferable Skills Training
Additional courses in September!

On our website you can see the full program for the current Summer Semester. In addition to the already scheduled program we added further online courses in September, e.g. “Job Application”, “Critical Reasoning and Logic”, “Scientific Writing – 4 Weeks” and many more.
As usual, registration opens 8 weeks before the course date. Check out the additional course offers and safe your spot!

Visit DocGS and our website to see all courses and updates.

TUM-GS Online Kick-Off Seminars
Free spots in online kick-off seminars!

You can register via DocGS where you will find the section "Kick-off seminar" in your DocGS profile. Please register for a transferable skills course (Module 2).
With the registration for Module 2, you are automatically registered for the corresponding Module 1. Please check your availability for all dates.

Please note: Until the end of 2021, Kick-Off Seminars will be conducted solelyonline. Dates for autumn and winter will be less frequent than during the first half of 2021. Upcoming dates will be announced on our website and in DocGS. We encourage you to participate in the mandatory Kick-Off Seminar as soon as possible in order to avoid any delays in the advancement of your doctorate.

Registration is now possible for the following Online Kick-Off Seminar:

Online Kick-Off Seminar No. 38, Module 1: July 21, 2021