Thesis submission at TUM


Dear Doctoral Researchers,

If you would like to submit your dissertation at TUM, please refer to the checklist Submission Process of Dissertation according to the new TUM Doctoral Regulation for HELENA Graduate Students.

Please fill out the Confirmation of Discussion of the Research Project in an International Expert Community form and upload it to your DocGS account in your "Progress Tree"  Qualification Program and Data Confirmation → TUM GS Training Program → Publications.

After you have successfully uploaded the above form, please inform the HELENA GSO via E-mail. We will upload the confirmation of your qualification program under the tab "Subject-Specific Courses" → Leistung: Fachliche Qualifizierung and the TUM-GS Team will verify the documents.

Please note that you also need to upload your documents from your first Thesis Committee meeting in the tab "Feedback" → Qualification Program and Data Confirmation → TUM GS Training Program → Feedback. Under "Upload report of feedback session" you should upload the documents from the first TC meeting and under "Upload updated supervision agreement" you should upload your documents from the second or third TC meeting.

For additional information and checklists, please click here.

Your HELENA Team