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TUM-GS Transferable Skills Training

TUM Graduate School – Information on how the Coronavirus is affecting the services and offers of the TUM-GS, free spots in online kick-off seminars and online courses available.

Dear doctoral candidates,

We hope you all had a smooth start into the year 2021! As the situation didn’t change, we keep offering online courses in our transferable skills program. Below you find a list of the most recent courses.

Information on how the Coronavirus is affecting the services and offers of the TUM-GS, as well as information on the restructuring of TUM in schools can be found in our website’s news section at https://www.gs.tum.de/en/doctorate-at-tum/news/.  

We wish you all a pleasant day!

Stay safe and healthy!

With kind regards,

Your TUM-GS Management Office Team


TUM-GS Transferable Skills Training
Online courses available!

Registration is now possible for the following transferable skills courses:

We look forward to your registrations!  

TUM-GS Online Kick-Off Seminars
Free spots in online kick-off seminars!

Registration is now possible for the following Online Kick-Off Seminars:

Online Kick-Off Seminar No. 18, Module 1: January 27, 2021:

  • Module 2, Course 4: Negotiation Skills after the Harvard Modell (February 8-9-10-12, 2021)
  • Module 2, Course 6: Critical Reasoning and Logic (February 15-16-17,2021)

Online Kick-Off Seminar No. 19, Module 1: February 3, 2021:

  • Module 2, Course 2: Schwierige Gespräche führen – Konfliktkommunikation (February 24-25, 2021)
  • Module 2, Course 3: Moderation Training (February 22-23-24, 2021)
  • Module 2, Course 4: Präsentation von Konzepten, Planungen und Ergebnissen in der digitalen Landschaft (February 17-19-20, 2021)
  • Module 2, Course 5: Critical Reasoning and Logic (March 15-16-17, 2021)
  • Module 2, Course 6: Modelling complex systems – Agent based modelling & network science (February 22-23-25, 2021)
  • Module 2, Course 7: Serious Creativity – Creative Problem Solving (February 23-24-25, 2021)

More dates and courses will be added gradually throughout the next weeks. Please visit DocGS on a regular basis.

We look forward to your registrations!  

TUM Universitätsbibliothek - Fünf Tage, fünf Themen
Kurz-Webinare rund um wissenschaftliches Schreiben und Publizieren

Im Januar startet die Universitätsbibliothek ihre neuen Themenwochen mit Kurz-Webinaren zur Kaffeepause: 5 Tage, 5 Themen, immer um 13:30 Uhr, jeweils 30 Minuten.

Auf dem Programm steht ein breites Themenspektrum von der Literaturrecherche über Zitieren, Literaturverwaltungsprogramme, Publizieren an der TUM bis hin zu zitationsbasierter Forschungsbewertung und Bibliometrie.

Die Themenwochen richten sich an Einsteiger und Fortgeschrittene und beantworten zahlreiche Fragen rund um wissenschaftliches Schreiben und Publizieren:

  • Wie entwickle ich eine Recherche-Strategie für mein Thema?
  • Welches Literaturverwaltungsprogramm ist für mich geeignet?
  • Wie zitiere ich Interviews oder mich selbst?
  • Wie gebe ich in meinen Publikationen die TUM als meine Affiliation korrekt an?
  • Was ist eigentlich ein h-Index?
  • Wie kann ich Open Access publizieren?

Mehr Information und Anmeldung: ub.tum.de/themenwochen

Kontakt: workshop@ub.tum.de

Nature Masterclass
Free access to all online courses for TUM members

TUM has an institutional subscription to Nature Masterclasses. As a member of TUM, this subscription grants you access to all currently available online courses on the Nature Masterclasses platform.

Course topics:

  • Scientific Writing and Publishing
  • Effective Collaboration in Research
  • Managing Research Data to Unlock its Full Potential
  • Narrative Tools for Researchers

On this website https://www.forte.tum.de/en/nature-masterclasses/ you will find detailed course descriptions and information on how to get access to the Nature Masterclasses platform.

Nacaps – A Study on Doctoral Candidates in Germany
Take part!

TUM is a partner of the National Academics Panel Study (Nacaps) of the German Centre for Higher Education Research and Science Studies (DZHW). Nacaps is a longitudinal study on doctoral candidates and doctorate holders.

Nacaps generates versatile research data on the study conditions for doctorates, career aims and professional development, as well as on the general life situation of doctoral candidates and doctorate holders in Germany. The first results of the study are accessible via a data portal: www.nacaps-datenportal.de.

The study results will be

  • made available to Nacaps’ partner HEIs for monitoring, controlling and quality management via our data portal
  • prepared for the expert public and decision makers in higher education and science policy in the form of reports, as a basis for evidence-based monitoring of young researchers
  • made available to the scientific community for research purposes via the DZHW Research Data Centre (FDZ) in the form of anonymised data sets (scientific use files).

Your participation will influence future decisions, which are relevant for early career researchers.

By the end of February 2021, the TUM Graduate School will invite every doctoral candidate who has been registered after December 1st, 2018. You will receive a link via email that grants you access to take part in the online survey. We encourage you to take part!

Even if you feel that you did not follow the usual path to, or during your doctoral studies, your participation is very important because only with a wide range of respondents can we gain a full picture of the doctorate landscape. This also applies if you discontinue your doctorate in the meantime or if you only came to Germany for your doctorate, or in case you intend to leave Germany after completing your doctorate.

Scientific research, HEIs and educational policy will benefit from this information – and so will you as a doctoral candidate!

Please find further information on the Nacaps website: https://www.nacaps.de/en/teilnahme/

With Kind Regards,

Your TUM-GS Management Office Team


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