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Dear Doctoral Students,

We would like to inform you that HELENA will cover registration costs for conferences which are taking place online. Please note that you still have to fill out the  Digital Business Trip Application, and mention ONLINE Conference in the space provided for justifying your Business Trip.  

HELENA funds active participation at international conferences with up to 1500 € per doctoral student. Due to the current situation, only applications that are highly relevant for the success of your doctoral project and cannot be postponed or funded by any other means are considered.

When handing in travel grant applications, please make sure the following conditions and prerequisites are met and your documents are complete:

  • International conference
  • Active participation (poster/talk) - a confirmation letter is required
  • Please present the significance of the conference in your research field and give detailed reasons on why participation in the particular conference is important for your thesis and your scientific career
  • Please describe shortly, why other means of funding are not available to finance your conference participation

Non-refundable expenses caused by conference cancelation, quarantine orders etc. may be reimbursed by HELENA as part of the internationalization support. However, costs reimbursed will be reduced from the internationalization budget.

Unfortunately, travel grants for research stays will continue to be suspended until further notice.

Thank you for your understanding.


Your HELENA-Team