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TUM Graduate School – New Online Courses Available!

Dear Doctoral Candidates,

We are very happy to present you our new Course Program for the Winter Semester 2020/21!

This semester, our course program focuses on the topic of Science Communication.

Science communication comprises not only sharing research results with colleagues from familiar fields during a conference. It is also about gaining the trust of the society in academic research. Communicating science helps to earn that trust. That means, researchers need to be able to explain their projects, their results and the necessity of their work to a non-scientific community.

With our extensive course offerings we strive to convey skills and competences that enable you to communicate your science to different audiences and through various communication channels.

We encourage you to take advantage of the opportunities for inspiration all around you, be that by joining our workshops on argumentation in scientific writing or learning how to use storytelling for your research career.

We hope that our selection of talks and courses provides something for every one of you.

Important information regarding course registration

Our courses will open for registration gradually throughout the semester. This means that it is possible to register eight weeks prior to a course start. Please visit our website to see our full program or to receive further information on the course registration as well as our payment and cancellation policy.

Taking into consideration the global pandemic, about 50% of the transferable skills program are online courses and web-based formats. Depending on the developments, we reserve the right to change face-to-face offers into online courses – or, if that should not be possible, to cancel those courses. Changes will be announced as early as possible.

For any questions or suggestions regarding the course program, please do not hesitate to contact us!

We wish you all success and enjoyment in our courses!


With Kind regards,

Your TUM-GS Management Office Team


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TUM Graduate School


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