Nature Masterclasses: Scientific Writing and Publishing

As a part of a comprehensive online training program for graduate students and postdocs, SPR Scientific Education & Training together with Human Resources Development is offering access to the renowned online training Scientific Writing and Publishing offered by Nature. This course can be started at any time and its 10-min lessons format allows you to integrate it into your schedule in a flexible way.

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Challenging times like these can also open up opportunities to convert the freed up time into a learning opportunity. Since many people are now confined to home office and think about writing up papers, we would like to offer an accompanying training to support you.

Scientific Writing and Publishing is an online course from Nature Research for students and researchers in the natural sciences who are new to publishing or wish to refresh their skills. It will enable users to:

  • Develop writing skills and confidence writing for journals
  • Understand editorial processes and what editors look for
  • Learn best practices for submitting a paper and peer review

The course is structured into three certificated parts, incorporating 11 hours of learning in 10-min lessons. HELENA members will be credited 3HE for a successful completion of the course.

Please register by selecting the course in the NIP and clicking on “show interest”.

If you have further questions, please contact Martina Rendenbach (