Announcement: Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)

Dear Graduate Students,

due to the increased spread of the coronavirus and the latest recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute, the Helmholtz Zentrum München crisis management team has developed a series of measures and recommendations that are in place with immediate effect. Objective of these measures is to prevent and to slow down the virus from spreading any further and to maintain normal operations at our Research Centre as long as possible. Focus is on reducing direct social interactions and travels. The guidelines apply to all Center locations, except locations outside of Munich where directive authorities have given alternative orders.

Events and meetings

To reduce direct interaction and the risk of infection, no events with more than 10 people are to be held at Helmholtz Zentrum München. In addition, guests are not to be invited to any events.

All sport events are cancelled.

Meetings are to be kept as small as possible (maximum 10 participants) and external participation has to be limited to an absolute necessary minimum. The respective managers are responsible for the implementation of these measures. Generally, it is advisable to use alternatives to meetings such as video and telephone conferencing tools.

Business trips

Business trips, including to non-risk areas, should be limited to what is absolutely necessary. The decision is the responsibility of the corresponding manager.

Home office and preparation for limited operation

We would like to ask all employees, if their duties allow it, to prepare themselves  for potentially long home office periods and to coordinate with their supervisor to what extent home office is  possible with immediate effect. In particular, we ask employees to assess what equipment is required and available (e.g. laptop, Internet, Citrix and VPN connection) so that remote working is a possibility and can be done in compliance with the applicable data protection regulations. Please discuss, plan and organize what duties can be carried out remotely with your direct supervisors.

Following you find a "Home Office User Guide"


Please also note the limited operation of the canteen.


The above measures are initially valid until April 19. Please keep informed about further measures and changes via the intranet and the newsletter.