First anniversary of the Center’s Postdoc Association

The Postdoc Association at Helmholtz Zentrum München just celebrated its first anniversary. The next meeting will take place Thursday, November 14, at 4:45 pm in room 041 at the Helmholtz Diabetes Center.









Since the foundation of the Postdoc Association in October 2018, the members worked on improving networking amongst each other, peer support and improving the postdoc experience at the center.

Welcome Team, which is led by Maike Groenewold and Jimmy Omony, greets new postdocs at the Center and provides crucial information. Regular Meet & Mingle events provide a platform for networking and socializing amongst postdocs while learning about different career paths. A highlight of 2019 was the Postdoc Day, which consisted of several inspiring talks, workshops, a panel discussion and a Science Slam. It was concluded with a wonderful rooftop BBQ.

The Postdoc Association is always welcoming new members, who want to be a part of this initiative to improve postdoc life at the HMGU. If you are interested in joining, please contact  Maike Groenewold ( or, even easier: Join us for free pizza and drinks at the next Meet & Mingle on November 14th at 4:45 pm in room 041 at the HDC.