Run for Graduate Student Representative!

Election of the Graduate Student Representatives on November 13, 2019










Dear Graduate Students,


We are pleased to announce the election of the Graduate Student Representatives at the annual Graduate Student’s Day on November 13, 2019.


If you would like to run for Graduate Student Representative, please send the following documents to the Graduate Student Office (GSO):


  • A short text explaining why you would like to be a spokesperson and which topics you would like to address as a Graduate Student Representative.
  • One high quality picture and a signed data protection sheet.


As a template, please view the poster for the elections in 2018/ 2019.

Thank you for sending your documents to the GSO until October 15, 2019.


To find out more about the responsibilities of the Graduate Student Representatives, please click here.

For additional information please contact the GSO.


We are looking forward to many applications!

Your HELENA Team