Flow Cytometry Workshop

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Flow Cytometry Workshop

What you never wanted to know about Flow Cytometry


13th May - 15th May 2019



Helmholtz Zentrum München 
Deutsches Forschungszentrum für Gesundheit und Umwelt (GmbH) 
Ingolstädter Landstr. 1 
85764 Neuherberg

Lecture hall "Großer Hörsaal“, Building. 33 (Institut für Strahlenschutz),  2nd floor, Room 106.



Helmholtz Zentrum München – IMA
Technische Universität München – CyTUM
TRR 179 and VFDCy 


Workshop Overview
Flow Cytometry is a powerful analytical tool to characterize cells or particles on a single event level. In parallel, many different markers can be identified and quantified. That allows for a detailed characterization of single cells and categorization of mixed cell populations including the detection of rare cell subsets.

Referees from across Europe who are experts in their fields will provide detailed insight into state of the art flow cytometry projects, new technologies and methodologies including flow cytometry of microparticles using violet sideward scatter (V-SSC) and multiplex marker analysis. 

The workshop is designed for researchers at any step of their career. Basic knowledge in flow cytometry is of advantage. There will be strong emphasis on practical training. The topics will cover the whole process from planning your experiment, instrument setup, experimental procedure and data analysis. 

Workshop Structure
On day 1, new technical developments, research projects and methods will be presented.
Day 2 will cover data handling including basic statistics as well as cutting-edge algorithms for mass data processing and gate-less population analysis. Emphasis is also placed on practical sessions in technical set-up, assay procedures and tips for cell sorting.
On day 3, you will have the opportunity to individually meet with the experts to perform your own experiment in different sessions or discuss different challenges in flow cytometry in wet lab sessions.


Workshop Registration
To participate in the workshop, registration is required. The workshop is limited to 100 participants (first come – first serve). If you wish to meet with a specialist for your own experiment on day 3, please provide a short summary of your experiments and the material needed.


For additional information, please visit https://info.beckmancoulter.com/Helmholtz2019


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HELENA graduate students receive HE-Points for this workshop.