INTERNAL Course Submission

Dear doctoral students,

We would like to remind you that instead of submitting internal courses every six months, you can also submit it at the end of your PhD before submitting your dissertation, as a complete time frame (e.g. 01.04.17 – 01.04.20: Institute Seminar: Total 12 HE (2 HE/Term).

However, if you prefer to submit every term you can only submit the time frame that you have attended (e.g. 01.04.17 – 01.10.17: Institute Seminar: Total 2 HE/term).

Please submit your institute seminars, journal clubs, etc. for a period of at least six months (half a year is one term) and not for individual days.

For further information, please click here.
Please click here to use the form for submitting internal courses.


Your HELENA-Team