Summer Lectures 2018: How to discover a drug? Lessons learned.

Let’s make a journey together into the future of drug discovery and development based on 100 years of lessons learned. What were the groundbreaking findings and which molecules really changed the world? How do drugs really work? Where are we now and what are the future challenges in the management of drug development in industry and science? These interactive lectures will highlight prominent examples from academic and industrial practice of major drug classes and breakthroughs will be used as means to explore various aspects of drug discovery and development.

You will become familiar with opportunities and challenges of drug discovery and development, from the identifi- cation of potential targets over target validation, clinical trials, regulatory approvals and potential applications to  the market. You will get insights into industrial research and entrepreneurial thinking by discussing value chains.  The lectures will also address necessity and opportunities of interdisciplinary projects for breakthroughs in drug discovery and development. As CEO of Helmholtz Center Munich and Professor at TUM I warmly welcome all members of the Center and HELENA as well as TUM students to participate. After the lectures, I would like to invite you for further discussions with drinks and snacks. The lecture on July 18 will be concluded by the event ‚Helmholtz & Music‘. 

10th July:  
Druggable targets and drug like molecules – part I 

Molecules that changed the world. Case studies of breakthroughs.

11th July: 
Druggable targets and drug like molecules – part II

Compound progression from bench to patient. Technologies, knowledge and criteria for decision making. How do drugs really work?

17th July: 
Drug discovery and development in the era of personalized medicine 

From hype to future medicine. New modalities of treatment that will change healthcare. A revolution?

18th July: 
The management of drug discovery and development

Decision making and value creation. Strategy, leader- ship, communication and teams. Career paths in academia and industry. Management of global pharma.

Each date from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m.
Neuherberg Helmholtz Campus / Building 23 / Auditorium