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Noemi Castelletti from ISS receives travel and poster award

Noemi Castelletti, graduate student in the work group “Integrative modelling” (Institute of Radiation Protection, ISS), received a travel award for one of the 8 best abstracts and an honorable mention for the best poster at the “2016 Conference on Radiation and Health & Radiation Research Society”. The conference was held in Big Island, Hawaii (USA) on 15-20 October 2016. Castelletti is member of the Helmholtz Research School of Radiation Sciences RS2.

Noemi Castelletti

Noemi Castelletti gave an oral presentation and presented a poster with the title “Mechanistic Modeling of Radiation and Smoking causing Lung Cancer”. The results of her research project showed that the development of normal lung-cells into lung-cancer cells is a different process for smokers and for non-smokers. Radiation showed the biggest effects on the death/inactivation rate of the initiated cells in both pathways. These effects were interpreted as a lifelong molecular damage in the cells.

Smoking also strongly affected the death/inactivation rate, but it was interpreted to be an inflammation process.

Radiation effects were sex-independent, smoking effects were strongly sex-related. These differences are very important in considering datasets that contain smoking information. Not considering smoking as an important factor leads to a misunderstanding of the analyzed dataset.

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