Helmholtz Juniors

Hannah Eichhorn and Simon Göllner elected as Helmholtz Munich HeJus and Vice-Speakers. Congratulations.

On January 19th and 20th the Helmholtz Juniors held their Annual Meeting 2023 in Darmstadt. The Helmholtz Munich representatives of the last years (Anna Kilanowski and Prena Karthaka) officially handed over to the 2023 representatives: Simon Göllner (IBMI) and Hannah Eichhorn (IML). Next to updates of the individual working groups, the main topics of the meeting were supervision, mental health and working conditions.

Simon joined the working group "Events", which is responible for organizing the Annual and Midterm Meeting and other events. Simon was elected to be the Vice-Speaker of the Events group and Treasurer of Helmholtz Juniors.

Hannah Eichhorn joined the working group "Survey", which conducts and analyses the bi-annual N2 Survey for Doctoral Researchers - stay tuned for the next round of the survey this fall! Hannah was elected to be Vice-Speaker of the Survey Group.

Warmest congratulations to Hannah and Simon! Wishing you a great year ahead with exciting topics to work on. A big thank you to Anna and Prena for your commitment, effort and enthusiasm that you have shown as Helmholtz Junior in the past years.