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Helmholtz Juniors Midterm Meeting

Source: Elias Eckert

On 13th and 14th of July the Helmholtz Juniors (HeJus) held their Midterm Meeting at the Headquarters of the Helmholtz Association in Berlin. The Helmholtz Juniors consist of two doctoral student representatives of all 18 Helmholtz Centers in the association. Since their foundation in 2005 they provide opportunities for networking and exchange between doctoral students at the different Helmholtz Centers and aim to improve their working life.

At last month’s meeting the HeJus had the chance to connect in person, work further on their projects in the different working groups and discuss important aspects in the plenum. A special focus was placed on two important upcoming events: First, the multidisciplinary conference "NextGen@Helmholtz" for doctoral researchers of all Helmholtz Centers (https://indico.scc.kit.edu/indico/event/229/overview) takes place in Braunschweig on 28. - 30.09.2016. Second, every 2 years, the Helmholtz Juniors conduct a survey to assess the situation of all doctoral researchers in the Helmholtz association. This year’s survey planning is now in the final stage and was discussed in more detail. Additionally the Helmholtz Juniors agreed upon a joint statement regarding important aspects of the working conditions of doctoral researchers within Helmholtz.

Besides all group work and discussions there was also time to learn more about graduate student life inside and outside Helmholtz. During interesting talks, Kyle Mayers gave an introduction into the British Doctorate System, Anne Tschaut explained the structure and aims of THESIS, an organization founded to represent all doctoral researchers in Germany, and Nina Löchte gave an overview of the Helmholtz association and its different bodies.

You can find further information about the Helmholtz Juniors on their webpage (https://www.helmholtz.de/karriere_talente/foerderprogramme/doktorandenfoerderung/helmholtz_juniors/), on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/helmholtz.juniors/) or can contact the DINI (doktorandeninitiativenoSp@m@helmholtz-muenchen.de).