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Introduction to Structural Biology

Thematic Field Systems Biology, Imaging and Structural Biology
Course Number 6002001
Target Group Scientists and Graduate Students of the Graduate School 'Environmental Health' and Partner Universities
Contents Introduction to the principles of X-ray crystallography and NMR spectroscopy. Understanding and interpretation of published structural information.
Didactic Aim/Competences You will learn how to obtain and interpret 3D-protein structures for your own research. Introduction and basic techniques with lectures in the morning and practicals in the afternoon. Practical parts include protein crystallization, NMR fingerprint spectra, data mining of public structure databases (PDB), and structure interpretation.
Didactic Elements Lectures and Practical Training
Type/Schedule Block Course / 3 Days
Work Load (hours) 24 h Presence / Preparation of Protocols / Self Study
Credit Points 6 HE
Date and Place March 20-22, 2017 on Campus Neuherberg
Number of Participants max. 12
Lecturer in Charge Dierk Niessing
Lecturers Michael Sattler, Dierk Niessing, Igor Tetko, Bernd Reif, Franz Hagn, Robert Janowski, Ana Messias