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Immune Therapy Lecture

Thematic Field Infection, Immune and Tumor Biology
Course Number 4002004
Target Group Graduate Students of the Graduate Programme SFB-TR36 and Graduate School 'Environmental Health' and Partner Universities
Contents Topics of Immunology, Virology, Tumour Biology, Ethics, Animal Research
Didactic Aim/Competences Consolidation of Information from the Literature, Upfront Presentation, Advance Scientific Knowledge
Didactic Elements Problem-based Interactive Lecture, Presentation, Literature Search
Type/Schedule Interactive Seminar / Monthly 1 hr Lecture followed by 3 hrs Discussion in Small Groups
Work Load (hours) 4 h
Credit Points 4 HE
Date and Place Last friday of each month, Place as announced (Helmholtz Zentrum München / Building 90, TUM, LMU)
Number of Participants Open (mandatory for students of SFB-TR36)
Lecturer in Charge Elfriede Nößner
Lecturers Students, as arranged; guest speakers