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Lecture Series Molecular Medicine

Thematic Field Infection, Immune and Tumor Biology
Course Number 4002001
Target Group Graduate Students from HELENA, TUM, from the Integrated Graduate College of the SFB-TR36 'Adoptive T-cell Therapy' and from Partner Universities
Contents Concepts in Molecular Medicine
Didactic Aim/Competences General Concepts and Recent Scientific Achievements
Didactic Elements Interactive lectures
Type/Schedule Weekly Seminar/1 hr Lecture and Discussion a week
Work Load (hours) 1 h
Credit Points 3.5 HE/term
Date and Place Wednesdays, 18-19 pm, Trogerstr. 30, Seminar Room ground floor
Number of Participants 20-30, open
Lecturer in Charge Ulrike Protzer, Markus Gerhardt
Lecturers Professors and lecturers of HMGU and TUM