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Science Club IDR

Thematic Field Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases & Neuro and Stem Cell Biology
Course Number 2002002
Target Group Scientists of the Center, Graduate Students of the Graduate School 'Environmental Health' and Partner Universities
Contents Reports on newest developments in the research field (ciliogenesis, stem cell differentiation, endoderm development, diabetes related topics)
Didactic Aim/Competences Getting to know new developments in the respective research fields by learning proper literature work; Learning to interpret and implicate own research in context of new developments in the field
Didactic Elements Short presentation and discussion of latest publications
Type/Schedule Regular Presentations/ presence every month
Work Load (hours) 2 h
Credit Points 2 HE/term
Date and Place Tuesdays, 18 pm, BCG, Garching Parkring 11, Seminar Room 2
Number of Participants No limitation
Lecturer in Charge Heiko Lickert
Lecturers Members of the Institute