Postdoc101 Talk Series: Self marketing in a Nutshell

Join the webinar on February 8, 2023 from 4-6 pm.

Scientists usually focus very strongly on their research and concentrate on facts and figures. They often forget that besides professional know-how, the ability to present themselves and their research focus confidently is essential. Self-marketing is often smiled at with some shame and ignored. In this talk, you will learn how to market yourself as a postdoc in a way that suits you and your values. In addition to tips on how to appear and present yourself more confidently, we will explore strategies on how to better show yourself on social media platforms such as Research Gate, Twitter or LinkedIn. Along with this, we focus on science communication and how to express your research simply and clearly so that even non-scientists can understand. All this increases your professional visibility and reputation, even in the non-academic world.

Dr. Adriane Schmidt is a certified communication trainer and business coach. She supports people in appearing more confidently while using their voice convincingly. She provides workshops for companies on the topics of argumentation strategies, self-marketing, quick-witted reactions to objections or personal attacks and dealing with power and status. She has been working in the field of strategic communication for 10 years. Most recently, she spent 5 years with Mediaplus Munich heading two teams in the areas of international research and product development. In her doctorate at the TU Dresden, Dr. Adriane Schmidt worked on communication strategies and the impact of messages.