Data Visualization Workshop

Best practices in data visualization and ideas beyond printed graphics" - Core Facility Statistical Consulting

© Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash


Graphics are an essential part of any publication. Good graphics can improve the understanding, credibility and make an impact. In these workshops, we will discuss the importance of data visualizations, important considerations for their construction, and possibilities for animated and interactive graphics. The program consists of a series of 3 lectures and 2 exercise classes.

19.09.22, 10:00 am: Lecture 1 - "The communicative power of eloquent data visualization"

26.09.22, 10:00 am: Lecture 2 - "Ten ingredients for tasteful charts"

10.10.22, 10:00 am: Lecture 3 - "Interactive Graphics"

17.10.22, 10:00 am: Exercise Class 1 - "A taster for creating animated figures"

17.10.22, 1:00 pm: Exercise Class 2 - "A taster for creating shiny apps"