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Insights into the Merck Innovation Cup

Career talk with your colleague Monika Witzenberger. October 27, 2021 from 1:00 - 2:00 pm

© Monika Witzenberger

The HMGU Career Center invites you to the Online Career Talk “Insights into the Merck Innovation Cup” with Monika Witzenberger. Monika is about to complete her PhD in the group of Prof. Dr. Dierk Niessing, Institute of Structural Biology, and won this year’s Merck Innovation Cup.

The Merck Innovation Cup brings together top students from around the world in a stimulating competitive setting, to develop new innovative ideas for unmet medical needs and to build a respective business case. Accompanied by Merck research and business experts, the participants learn about and gain experience in innovative R&D, business development and market access of a product within the pharmaceutical industry.

Monika will share her experience with the Merck Innovation Cup in regard to the application process, the networking and group work with international students, as well as Merck professionals, the competition week as such, and implications of her participation for her future career. Maybe these insights will inspire one or the other to apply for the Innovation Cup 2022!

We are very happy to welcome Monika for this career talk shortly before she ventures off to her next career step, and look forward to an insightful talk and discussion with her!