TUM-GS Transferable Skills Training

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Research Data Management

Workshop of the University Library

This course will present the basics of research data management (RDM). You will learn the most important aspects of RDM as well as the requirements by third-party funders and how you can best fulfil those requirements.


·       Data management plans

·       Metadata and metadata standards

·       Publication of data


Registration: https://www.ub.tum.de/en/course/research-data-management

Cite It Right

Webinar of the TUM University Library

Are you currently writing your Bachelor's or Master's thesis or your PhD and are not sure about what and how to cite? We are here to support you. In our citation course you will learn how to cite correctly and avoid unintended plagiarism.



·       Citing tables and charts

·       Co-authorship

·       Citing students' projects

·       Citing yourself

·       Citing research data (sets)



Search, Cite, Publish

Workshop of the TUM University Library

In this compact course for doctoral candidates and researchers, you will learn how to find literature databases that are important for your field, and develop targeted search strategies for literature. You also learn how to access the researched material, quote correctly and publish electronically on our media server mediaTUM.



·       Develop a search strategy

·       Find journal articles and papers in subject-specific literature databases

·       Cite correctly

·       Publish your PhD thesis on mediaTUM


Registration: https://www.ub.tum.de/en/course/search-cite-publish

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