Third party funding – From idea to project proposal - Focus: German Research Foundation (DFG) and other national funding organizations (no EU-funding)

October 24 - 25, 2018 Seminar focusing on strategies from idea to proposal development.









Participants will explore strategies from idea to proposal development and will learn to develop their own draft proposal.

You will get an overview about research funding activities in Germany. You will also practice writing a short scientific proposal based on specific success criteria, which will be reviewed on the 2nd day. You will learn the “dos and don'ts” of proposal writing.

  • How much money is given to do research? Which funding organizations supply money for which purpose?
  • Learn about ways to efficiently collect targeted information about funding opportunities and eligibility criteria.
  • Insight into application procedures of funding organizations.
  • Opportunity to work out a draft exposé, which will be presented and discussed.
  • Participants will become reviewers for the presented proposals.
  • Some strategic advices will be given concerning placement of proposals.
  • The „seven deadly sins of making research applications” will be discussed.

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