Translational Medicine Seminar Series

Next lecture 13.03.18 - Commercialization of new bio-imaging technologies

Source: HMGU

Speaker: Prof. Dr. Daniel Razansky (IBMI, HMGU)

Chair: Prof. Saak Ovsepyan (IBMI)

Date: 13.03.18

Place: Neuherberg, Building 23, Auditorium

Schedule: 4:00 - 5:30 pm


This seminar series "Translational Medicine" aims to give an overview on translational medicine starting from the disease towards the understanding of disease mechanisms, epidemiological evidence, identification of biomarkers and development of new therapies and drugs leading to clinical studies.

This seminar series covers basic concepts in life science ranging from research ethics, good manufacturing practice, translation of knowledge from mice to men, data integration to the transfer of research to the clinics and industry. Basis researchers, physician scientists and clinicians will introduce challenges and success stories of translational research and the format of a 45 minute talk followed by “Beer & Brezn” will provide a platform for active discussions and networking. The lecture series welcomes all researchers of the Center and is an integral part of the HELENA educational program.

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