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Invitation to the 9th Graduate Students’ Day on November 3, 2016

Dear Graduate Students,

Every autumn, we want to take the time to look back and celebrate another successful year of HELENA and its graduate students. 

In this year we are pleased to have Prof. Dr. Matthias von Herrath as speaker for the annual career talk. In his talk he will give you insights into his personal career and career decisions and will compare career options in industry and academia. 

Matthias von Herrath is a physician by training and did his doctoral thesis at Freiburg University on glucose metabolism.  His postdoctoral training led him to The Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, USA, where he continued his career as Associated Professor on tenure track. Since 2008 he is head of the Diabetes Research Center and Professor of the Institute for Allergy and Immunology at La Jolla. His academic research is focused on pathology of human type 1 and type 2 diabetes.  He is interested to understand how autoantigen-induced regulatory T cells function in vivo and how they (and the cytokines they are secreting) can be used in the clinic to prevent type 1 diabetes. 

Matthias von Herrath is very much committed to clinical translation of immune-based interventions in autoimmune and metabolic diseases. He is working at the interface of experimental research for refinement and interpretation of early phase I/II clinical trials in order to optimize strategies for phase 3 trials and drug approval. This comprises translation from various animal models to human interventions, optimization of immunotherapies and their relative ranking, assessment of combination therapies, development of biomarkers as primary or secondary outcomes, induction of antigen specific tolerance in autoimmunity, regulatory cells and clinical T cell assays. 

In order to be better able to pursue this goals in clinical translation, he accepted the position of Vice President and Head of NovoNordisk’s diabetes R&D Center in Seattle in autumn of 2011, while keeping his appointment at appointment at La Jolla Institute.

The 9th Graduate Students’ Day will take place on Thursday, November 3, 2016, from 10:30 pm to 4:15 pm in the Auditorium, Building 23, Campus Neuherberg. Participation is mandatory for all graduate students. 

The program will include the annual election of the graduate student representatives, as well as the award of the graduate student prizes and a graduation ceremony for the doctoral students who finished their thesis in 2015/2016. The graduate student prizes are awarded by the Friends and Supporters of Helmholtz Zentrum München (VdFF) with support of HELENA and are sponsored by the Münchner Bank. We will conclude the day with a get together in the foyer of the auditorium. 

For all graduate students who will participate in the Pre-Event of the Munich Interact Symposium, a shuttle bus will be provided to the underground train station “Am Hart”. Please register for the shuttle service with first and last name under the following link until October 24, 2016: http://doodle.com/poll/f6yeimyraed9s9dc

We are looking forward to meeting you!

Your HELENA Graduate School