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DFKZ Career Day

The registration to the online Career Day “Project Management” is now open. It will take place virtually on December 2–4, 2020.

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This Career Day addresses various aspects of Project Management, particularly in the academic and industrial sectors. Professionals, including DKFZ Alumni now working in the field of Science Administration and Project Management in industry and academia, will give insight into their field and share their personal experiences, and much more.

Moreover, the following highlights await you:

-        Workshop (“first comes first” basis, waiting list possible)

The workshop consists of two parts:

First, you will have the chance to perform an e-learning to learn the fundamentals of PM:

1)      Basic course Project Management

2)      The basics of Agile Project Management

Secondly, mentored by professional project managers, you will have the opportunity to present and discuss your own project to an expert panel.

-        On top, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect and network with professionals and peers through discussion rounds (unlimited places available) and speed dating (“first comes first” basis, waiting list possible).

Are you ready to explore new skills and enhance existing ones? Do you want to discover more about PM and whether this could be a possible career option in the future? Do you want to broaden your horizon, see the bigger picture, and connect with inspiring people?

If you answer any of these questions with yes, then please visit https://indico.dkfz.de/event/252/ and register for the Career Day “Project Management” today!

If you have any questions, please contact careerday3noSp@m@dkfz.de.

PS: If you are interested in creating an effective resume, sign up for the free webinar by Jean-luc Doumont, PhD (www.principiae.be). It will take place on Dec 3, 2020 at 8:00 pm: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_SLW-o51OQF2N6A6b9xx8KQ