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Munich Science Slam

November 22, 2019, 6 pm JetBrains, Munich, Germany

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Hey fellow scientists,


Are you interested in science outreach?

Do you want to improve your presentation skills in an open, relaxed and pleasant atmosphere?

Or do you just want to polish your CV :) ?


Then join us and present at the 5th Munich Science Slam!

·              The Science Slam event will happen Friday, November 22nd, 6.00 pm at JetBrains, Munich

·              The Pre-Slam presentations skills workshop for speakers will happen on Monday, November 11th, 6.00 to 10.30 pm at Google, Munich


During the workshop, you will prepare a 5-minute research talk that is engaging and interesting! You will present this talk at the Science Slam Event, and the audience will vote for their favorite talk!

With food, drinks, and prizes, the 5th Munich Science Slam will again be a blast!


We especially encourage first-year PhD students and Master’s students to participate! You don’t have results yet? Don’t worry, just present your research questions and methods!

If you feel inspired now, just send us your name and talk topic in an email to munichscienceslamnoSp@m@gmail.com!

Want more information? Find us on our website, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!


Best wishes,


Alexandra Klein

on behalf of the Munich Science Slam Team