Who is HELENA?

Some HELENA members will present their graduate student project.

Sascha Allwein

He is from Munich, Germany. In his graduate student project at the Institute of Developmental Genetics, he focuses on fibroblast growth factor receptor knockout mice as an animal model for depression.


Davide Cavanna

He is from Genoa, Italy, and works at the Institute of Experimental Genetics in the field of Diabetes research.The topic of his graduate student project is the in vitro and in vivo investigation of Delta 1 (DLL1) in the adult pancreas.


Olivia Diem

The graduate student is from Munich, Germany, and works in the Institute of Virology. In her project, she investigates the effect of various neuroleptics and antidepressants on the expression of human endogenous retroviruses and its regulation in the human brain.


Kerstin Hochwind

She is from the Rosenheim area in Germany and works at the Research Unit of Microbe-Plant Interactions. In her graduate student project, she is investigating the production and characterization of signaling molecules of the quorum sensing system of Gram-positive, probiotic bacteria.


Katrin Kohse

She is from the Eilenburg near Leipzig in Germany and works at the Comprehensive Pneumology Center / Institute of Lung Biology and Disease. In her graduate student project, she is studying immunological processes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).


Anne Krämer

She is a graduate student from Darmstadt, Germany. At the Institute of Radiation Biology, her topics are microRNA-mediated processes that are associated with radiation response.


Liqun Liu

She is a graduate student from China. At the Institute of Epidemiology II she works at the "Health effects of air pollution and meteorology: Association with cardiovascular disease in Beijing".


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