Program / Credit Points

The Helmholtz Graduate School Environmental Health (HELENA) offers a structural program for all graduate students of the Center. A Credit Point System, the “HELENA Equivalents” (HE), enables the composition of an individual curriculum for every graduate student. HELENA Equivalents  correspond to the workload of a training activity.  4 hours workload will be accredited with 1 HE.

For the calculation of the HELENA Equivalents, the actual workload of an event is calculated by the Graduate Student Office in consultation with the course leaders. Preparation and follow-up times are added to the attendance times.

In addition to the training program offered by HELENA, students may also take courses and seminars offered by the universities or other graduate programs. These training activities can also be accredited with HELENA Equivalents if the participation is certified by the respective institutions.

Online trainings like Coursera can be credited with HEs as well. Theses courses can be acknowledged if the supervisor confirms the importance of this course for the doctoral work and if successful participation is documented with an official certificate. The workload (in hours) must be documented too.

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* Please note:

  • Attendance of the kick-off seminar of the TUM Graduate School is only mandatory for TUM graduate students.
  • Attendance of the introductory lecture by the LMU Graduate Center is only mandatory for LMU graduate students. 



Exemplary Curriculum:

Completion of the mandatory elements

  • Orientation Days
  • Lecture Series Environmental Health (4 participations)
  • Kick-off seminar TUM or introductory lecture LMU

Completion of the scientific training: 65 HE

  • Journal clubs (1h per week/6 sem.): 18 HE
  • Institute seminars (1h per week/6 sem.): 18 HE
  • 2 method courses (2x3 days): 16 HE
  • Introductory seminar (1h per week/1 sem.): 3 HE
  • Advanced seminar (1h per week/1 sem.): 3 HE
  • Retreat (3 Days): 7 HE

Professional skills training: 10 HE

  • 3 courses (1.5 days each): 10 HE