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Anna Kilanowski, EPI

I started my PhD in November 2019 at the Institute of Epidemiology to investigate effects on the development of allergic diseases. As one of your HeJus (Helmholtz Juniors) I am representing you as doctoral researchers from HMGU in the Germany-wide network of doctoral researchers within the Helmholtz association. I am further part of DINI, the doctorate initiative here at HMGU, where it is easy to meet new people and get involved in business relevant to all of us.

Especially starting your PhD can be a tough time and with Corona messing with everybody’s time schedule or changing onboarding activities, I believe, it is important to still connect to each other and help where possible. I can only recommend getting to know all of your fellow doctoral researcher and to get involved, so we can strengthen this network even further! Hope to see you at some of DINI’s wonderful activities.