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Graduate Student Representatives

The election of the four Graduate Student Representatives takes place at the annual Graduate Students’ Day.  They are officially elected by all graduate students for the term of one year. The Graduate Student Representatives represent the interests of graduate students towards the Center and also meet with the Center's management to discuss important processes. They regularly exchange ideas with the HELENA Coordinator, Helmholtz-wide graduate student association - the Helmholtz Juniors, and participate in their annual meetings. They actively shape HELENA and organize social events for the graduate students.

The elected Graduate Student Representatives for 2018/ 2019 are:
Thayssa Schley, BIOP
Anna-Lena Amend, IEG

Their deputies are
Theresa Kuhl, INET
Mohamed Elhadad, EPI

The elected Helmholtz Junior Speakers for 2018 are:
Mohamed Khedr, CMA
Mirjana Gusic, IHG

Graduate Student Representatives 2017
  • Selina Höckele
  • Daniela Kaspar
  • Mirjana Gusic
  • Moritz Ludwig

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